Pilot Name: Rio Mei Long
Voice Actor: Rio Natsuki
Group: Mao Industries
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Right and Kind, Ace Attacker
Units Piloted: Gespenst MK-II TT, AM Gunner, Huckebein MK-III Gunner
Games Appeared: Alpha, Original Generation, and Original Generation 2.

18 years old. Her rankings went from Corporal, to Sergeant Major, to Second Lieutenant. She doesn't like being defeated, or having her mistakes pointed out to her by others. She also likes to think that she is always correct. Her father is the director of Mao Industries. She has served as an Operator on the Hagane.

She's a very cheerful person, and has a strong sense of justice. She uses the PT simulator when there's nothing to do on duty, and she eventually became an actual PT pilot. When she first encountered Ryoto, she disliked him, though she later feels differently. She demands to become a test pilot, too, since she has a one-sided rivalry with Ryoto.

Rio various poses