Pilot Name: Roche Labinsk
Voice Actor: Unknown
Group: Northern Bright Army
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Choir Armed
Games Appeared: Real Robot Battle Line.

46 years old. He's a man with his own ambitions. He has no sense of responsibility, and he frequently uses his status to order others to do what he wants. He's the one that is responsible for Musica joining Lazlo's group, due to his sneaky behaviour.

He and his Northern Bright forces led an important attack, and was successful. Musica and the others arrived shortly after, and issued a command for him to release two important Branch pilots, one of which was her grandfather.

Glen deserts him after Musica manages to persuade him to join their fight, causing Roche's true nature to be known. He kills Glen before he could reunite with Musica. Filled with rage, Musica killed him for his actions.