Pilot Name: Ruach Gan Eden
Voice Actor: Minami Takayama
Group: Ze Balmary Empire
Nickname: Spirit Emperor
Theme Song: Twin Icon
Units Piloted: Geber Gan Eden
Games Appeared: Alpha 3.

He appears to be young boy at first glance, but the truth is that he's a very prominent figure in the Balmar Empire, and is over 500 years old. He's had his life prolonged thanks to Keiser Ephes' powers, and he also became the Spirit Emperor because of it. He's very arrogant, and acts childishly since he thinks that he owns the Balmar Empire. He treats people like trash because of this.

Shiva eventually beat him continuously until his powers were severely weakend. He prayed to Zehirut as he was losing it all, begging for help. In the end, his prayers weren't answered, and he was shot by Shiva, which resulted in his death.