Pilot Name: Ryoto Hikawa
Voice Actor: Yumiko Kobayashi
Group: Divine Crusaders (Mao Industries)
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Right and Kind, Ace Attacker
Units Piloted: Lion-F, Armorlion, Huckebein MK-III L, Huckebein MK-III Gunner, Huckebein Boxer
Games Appeared: Super Hero Sakusen, Alpha, Original Generation, and Original Generation 2.

18 years old. He is a bashful, and kind hearted boy. He tends to think pessimistically though. He is unskillful, and has trouble conveying his feelings to others. Because of that, he has developed a self hatred. He's the youngest child in his family, and he has many elder sisters. His rankings went from Sergeant Major to Second Lieutenant.

He was scouted by the DC, along with Tenzan, during the Burning PT tournament. He was a pilot for the DC, but he left after they sent him in a boobytrapped mech with a bomb inside of it in order to destroy the Hagane. Daitetsu allows Ryoto to join them, and puts him under Ingram's command. He's an obedient person, and doesn't like confrontations. His family owns a Karate dojo, and he's surprisingly well trained.

After the war with the Aerogators, Rio and him go to to Mao Industries, and became involved with the Huckebein MK-III, and its development. His data was used for the Huckebein Boxer.

He likes working with machines, and is skilled with computers. He's a very talented developer, and has worked on the creations of Armorlion and Huckebein MK-III. His skills have even been recognized by Robert, a fellow developer. He later serves as part of the maintenance staff on the Hagane.

Ryoto various poses