Pilot Name: Ryuuma Tougou
Voice Actor: None
Group: Japanese Army, Order
Nickname: None
Theme Song: None
Units Piloted: Ryuouki, Ryukoou, Shijin Shoukon Ryukoou, Kairyuu (Captain)
Games Appeared: Ryukoou Denki (Manga)

He's the Great Japan Empire Army's Intelligence Department's Captain.

He went to China in order to investigate a group that was excavating the Choukijin. He encountered Wen Li, who was captured, and ends up being chosen to pilot the Choukijin Ryuouki, and later Ryukoou once it combines with Koouki.

After the battle with Son Ganlong, he was thought to be dead. After many of years of being missing, he re-appeared as a member of Order, and as the commander of a ship, the Kairyuu.

Ryuuma and Wen Li's granddaughter, Fei Li, joins him and Order.

He's an expert at Jigen-Ryuu, and he's also Rishu Tougou's ancestor.

Ryuuma (Yelling)
Ryuuma (Old)
Ryuuma (Old 2)