Pilot Name: Ryuune Zoldark
Voice Actor: Narumi Hidaka
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Flapper Girl
Units Piloted: Valsione, Valsione R
Games Appeared: 2G, 3, EX, 4, Lord of the Elemental, F Final, Alpha, Alpha Gaiden, Original Generation 1, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

16 years old. She's the daughter of Bian Zoldark, leader of the DC. She has superhuman reflexes, eyesight, and coordination. She's beautiful, but is still a tomboy. She is weak to compliments and flattery. Her three sizes are 87, 59, and 88.

She encountered the Hiryuu Kai and Hagane after her father was killed in combat. She ends up joining them since she's not happy with what the DC has become, since she knows it wasn't what her father wanted. She falls in love with Masaki, though he doesn't feel the same way. She's always trying to get him to compliment her.

After the war with the Aerogators, Ryuune recieved a request from Guilliam to accompany him into the Aerogators space fortress, Neviim, which was currently being held under the federations jurisdiction.

Her father created the Valsione for her after she stated that she disliked the Valsion's design.

Ryuune front and back
Ryuune head
Ryuune pose
Ryuune various expressions 1
Ryuune various expressions 2
Ryuune various expressions 3