Pilot Name: Seolla Schweitzer
Voice Actor: Yumi Kakazu
Group: DC Remnants (School)
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Ace Attacker ver. W
Units Piloted: Randgrith, Wildfalken R
Games Appeared: Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

She's a student of School, which is a DC pilot training program. Her class number is Bronzo 27. She's a Sergeant Major.

She's also one of the Boosted Children. She is an impatient, serious tempered honor student. She can be scary when she is angered. However, she's a considerate girl who worries about Arado, and tries to protect him from getting shot down. She's an excellent pilot, and manages to capture the Wildfalken from the federation's troops.

There was a moment where she was in shock while taking real lives during combat, and she was about to get shot down. Luckily Arado took a hit for her, and survived with minor injuries. Her memory was tampered with by Aguila Setome, and she was convinced that Arado was the enemy once he joined the federation. After fighting him several times, she regains her memories, and joins him once again.

Seolla various poses