Pilot Name: Setsuko Ohara
Voice Actor: Yukiko Takaguchi
Group: Glory Star, ZEUTH
Nickname: Unknown
Theme Song: THE RIGHT STUFF, The Wings That wipe Away Tears, The Power Called Sorrow
Units Piloted: Virgola, Virgola Custom, Virgola Glory
Games Appeared: Z.

19 years old. She is a member of the military's Strategic War Research group, Glory Star. Her ranking is a Second Lieutenant, and her callsign is "Star 3." She doubts herself and her abilities as a soldier, and is somewhat shy.

She lost her parents at an early age due to the war, because of this, she decided to join the military. She became very close with two of her comrades, Denzel and Toby, which caused her to breakdown when the both of them were killed in action by Asakim. She had feelings for Toby, which made his death even harder for her. She was determined to get revenge for what Asakim did, despite her not having much combat experience prior to this.

She later thinks that Toby survived Asakim's attack, but it was Asakim in disguise trying to cause her pain and sadness in order for her to use her powers to kill him. With the more she uses her powers, the more she loses her senses of sight, hearing, and taste.

After the end of the war, she goes missing, ending up in an alternate dimension with a new Glory Star team.