Pilot Name: Shiva Gozzo
Voice Actor: Yuusaku Yara
Group: Ze Balmary Empire
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Zest Seven
Units Piloted: Geber Gan Eden
Games Appeared: Alpha 3.

He's the current head of the Gozzo house, which is one of the twelve royal houses of the Balmar Empire. He's a Prime Minister and one of the leading scientists, too. He had the Golar Golem forces support him in his rebellion against Ruach. To improve their chances of victory, he ordered his forces to gather power from the Earthlings.

He does everything to protect the Balmar Empire, though he does act inhumane on some of the matters, such as designating Hazal as a tool. He eventually tortured Ruach, and then finally killed him. He challenged the Alpha Numbers in battle, while using Irui's powers to pilot Geber Gan Eden. A majority of the population were able to escape the planet prior to the battle, thanks to Shiva. It's thought that he did this so that he can finally pay for his crimes. He considered Baran Doban a true friend.

Shiva Face