Pilot Name: Shouko Azuma
Voice Actor: Hiromi Konno
Group: None
Nickname: None
Theme Song: None
Transforms Into: Fighter Emmy
Games Appeared: Original Generations and Original Generation Gaiden.

She's Kohta's younger sister. She was abducted by Folka and was brought to the Shura castle, Swordian.

She was soon sent to Dunamis, who then brainwashed her in an attempt to sieze control of the Compatible Kaiser, as well as kill Fighter Roar, per Dark Brain's wishes. Dunamis had her equip the Emmy Armor while piloting the G-Thunder Gate in an attempt to accomplish their goals. After encountering her brother several times on the battlefield, she managed to regain control over her senses and ended up joining him in his fight.

Shouko rear
Shouko various expressions 1
Shouko various expressions 2