Pilot Name: Touya Shun
Voice Actor: None
Group: Unknown
Nickname: Touya-Selda Shun
Theme Song: Fate, Limit Over
Units Piloted: Coustwell, Coustwell Brachium, Bellzelute, Bellzelute Brigandi, Granteed, Granteed Dracodeus, Vorlent, Raftclans
Games Appeared: J.

17 years old. He becomes a pilot once he sees that one of the machines crashed in his schoolyard. Festenia, Katia, and Melua asked him to pilot the machine, since he was the only one who is able to pilot it. He didn't want to fight at first, but he soon got over his troubles after witnessing the harsh realities of war.

Because his father is a Fury, he was able to adapt to the Fury made machine rather quickly. His Fury name is Touya-Selda Shun. He spent time with the Fury during his childhood, and was close friends with Shana-Mia. His mother died years ago, and he now lives alone. His father's name is E-Selda, and he died four months ago while on the Moon. Touya finds out that he's a Fury while battling Al-Van.

After the war is over, he lives with the Festenia, Katia, and Melua.

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