Pilot Name: Sleigh Presty
Voice Actor: Miki Nagasawa
Group: Project TD
Nickname: Scarlet Comet
Theme Song:
Units Piloted: Calion (01), Vegalion, Hyperlion
Games Appeared: Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

She is a test pilot for the Project TD. She's the younger sister of Filio Presty, who is the man in charge of Project TD. To achieve their dreams and to make it happen in reality, the newly developed series 77 is tested by her. Her unit number is 01, and she is the top pilot in the project. Her nick name is "Scarlet Comet," since her personal choice of colors is scarlet. She's very arrogant, and looks down on Ivis.

She ends up joining with Ibis once she's defeated and sees Ibis' true combat abilities. After the Sealing War, Sleigh returns to Earth by herself. She ends up meeting Selena, and her partner, Elma, whom she later kisses.

Sleigh's secretly concerned about not being able to find a good man since she's surrounded by so many women. She doesn't drink alcohol, though she likes to collect expensive wines.

Sleigh various poses