Pilot Name: Son Ganlong
Voice Actor: Nobuo Tobita
Group: Baral
Nickname: Avot Akrav (true name), Akrav, Alan Harris
Theme Song: Trinity Idol
Units Piloted: Shin Ryuouki
Games Appeared: Ryukoou Denki (Manga) and Alpha 3.

He's an agent of Baral. He's very active, and works behind the scenes. V.B. is an aquaintance of his, and he views her as a very important person, even more important than Ryukoou. His true name is Akrav, though only Irui and V.B. are allowed to call him by that. He ends up killing V.B. after she attempted to kill him.

He's told Devora several times not to call him Akrav, though she doesn't listen. She was eventually killed after she called him Akrav once more right after V.B. had died.

Many years later, he reappers with his Shin Ryuouki once more. He fights with the current pilots of the Choukijin, Kusuha and Bullet, many times. He oftenly says that he's still a protector of the Earth, even though he's fighting against them. He was in disbelief at first when he found out that they were the ones that defeated Nashim Gan Eden, but later realized that they were strong. He also encounters Ratsel on battlefield, and quickly recognizes him as a Branstein, since he's similar in looks to his ancestor. Ratsel has also heard about him, but denies being a Branstein.

Son Ganlong talks down to Bullet and Kusuha constantly, which annoys them greatly. He was rather surprised when the souls of Buouki and Jakuouki merged with Ryukoou once more, since it's only happened once in the past.

He betrays Nashim Gan Eden and sides with the Balmar instead, since he wasn't happy about the current pilots of the Choukijin being chosen to be her current swords, rather than him.

Son Ganlong various expressions
Son Ganlong various expressions 2
Son Ganlong various expressions 3