Pilot Name: Task Shinguji
Voice Actor: Kappei Yamaguchi
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Ace Attacker
Units Piloted: Giganscudo, Giganscudo Duro
Games Appeared: Alpha, Original Generation, and Original Generation 2.

He is a pilot who is with the Hiryuu Kai. He's an optimistic person, and loves to play games, and gamble. He always tries to test his fate out on the battle field. He has quick reflexes, though he happens to be tone deaf, but he is skillful at juggling the enemies around.

He is the pilot of the GiganScudo. Once he found out about the truth of it, and all of the death that is caused before he became the pilot it, he said that he doesn't care, and that he'll use it so it can atone for its past crimes. He and Leona are also quite close.

About 6 months after the war, he returns to the Earth sphere with the Hiryuu. He pilots the newly upgraded Giganscudo Duro.

Task various poses