Pilot Name: Tenzan Nakajima
Voice Actor: Yasuhiko Kawazu
Group: Divine Crusaders
Nickname: None
Theme Song: None
Units Piloted: Lion, Barrelion-Y, Barrelion-C, Valsion Kai
Games Appeared: Original Generation, and Original Generations.

20 years old. He was scouted through the Burning PT program, just like Ryoto, and was recruited by the DC. He's an easy going person, and doesn't really have complicated beliefs. He's an obsessed gamer, and thinks of his fights during the war as a big game. He encounters Ryuusei several times during battle, though he still considers war a game. He ends up piloting a Valsion Kai that is equipped with the GEIM System, but like the others, it drove him mad, and he ended up dieing during the battle.

Tenzan various poses