Pilot Name: Touma Kanou
Voice Actor: Yasuyuki Kase
Group: None
Nickname: Toujin
Theme Song: Toushi, Hatenaku (Raioh), and Shippuu Jinrai (DaiRaioh)
Units Piloted: Raioh, DaiRaioh
Games Appeared: Alpha 3.

A young civilian who was working at his part-time job, and by chance ends up piloting Raioh because he happened to be at the Tomine lab when it was under attack. He is hot blooded, and has a strong sense of justice. He undergoes a lot of training in order to become a good pilot. Eventually the System LIOH makes him go berserk, and Zengar is the one to stop him. They had the System LIOH replaced with the DML, and with it, Touma was able to create a new attack. He develops a rivalry with Baran Doban, and lost to him several times which even damaged the Raioh. After he upgrades to DaiRaioh he creates another final attack that pushes his machine to it's limits, and was able to defeat Baran Doban with it. After the war he officially becomes a test pilot for Minaki's lab.