Pilot Name: Tsugumi Takakura
Voice Actor: Tomoko Hasegawa
Group: Project TD
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Falling Star, Slice the Night
Units Piloted: Astelion AX, Altairlion, Hyperlion
Games Appeared: Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

She is the chief of system development for Project TD. She learned from her lover, Filio, how to observe situations calmly, and how to make rational decisions during those moments.

After the DC was annihilated, Project TD was continued by Filio Presty, Sleigh, and Ibis under the management of the federations army. She supports Philio in public, and private matters.

Once Ibis left, Tsugumi went with her, and acted as her support. She likes to dress others up in clothes, such as Ibis and Sleigh. She's tried to dess Irui and Selena, too. Her glasses were left behind by Filio, so she wears them as a way of always rememebring him.

Tsugumi various poses