Pilot Name: Tytti Norback
Voice Actor: Kikuko Inoue
Group: None
Nickname: None
Theme Song: From The City of Water And Ice
Units Piloted: Falk, Goddess
Games Appeared: 4, Lord of the Elemental, F Final, Alpha, and Alpha Gaiden.

20 years old. She comes from Finland, and pilots the Masoukishin known as Goddess. Her three sizes are 85, 58, and 84. She was the first person to greet Masaki when he entered the world of La Gias, and acted like an older sister to him. She fell in love with Ricardo, and was the one bothered most when he died protecting her. His death caused her to grow weary of romantic relationships from then on. The person that killed Ricardo, Rubikka, was also the one responsible for killing her parents and brother.

Ironically she cannot swim at all, even though her Masoukishin is of the highest water class. She is also very fond of sweets.

Tytti front and back
Tytti head
Tytti various expressions 1
Tytti various expressions 2
Tytti various expressions 3