Pilot Name: Vindel Mauser
Voice Actor: Hideyuki Umezu
Group: Shadow Mirror
Nickname: None
Theme Song: CHAOS
Units Piloted: Zweizergain
Games Appeared: A, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

He's the leader of the special group known as the Shadow Mirror, and his ranking is a Colonel.

His goal was to create a world of chaos, with nothing but constant fighting, since he believes that to be the only way for the human race to evolve, and gain new technology, due to his home world slowly decaying because of the preace treaty that was signed. To achieve this goal, he seized Tesla Leicht Institute, and used "System XN" in order to teleport all of his forces to another world. He was searching for Helios Olympus, who is now known as Guilliam, in order to use him as the core for System XN.

He had part of System XN built into the Zweizergain, his personal unit, as "XN Agyieus." Dr. Egret repaired System XN for Vindel, although it wasn't 100% repaired, but it was able to be used once again. It ended up getting badly damaged when Lamia self-destructed near Zweizergain in an attempt to destroy it.

The Inspectors tried to take control of System XN, since they were very interested in its warping abilities. Wendolo gave Vindel one week to give proper data results, since Vindel lied to him and said that System XN was broken, and that they were unsure of how strong its warping abilities were.

He didn't trust the W Numbers much, but he thought highly of his real soldiers, like Axel. In the end, he died while fighting inside of the White Star.

Vindel various expressions