Pilot Name: Wodan Ymir
Voice Actor: None
Group: Shadow Mirror
Nickname: W15, The Sword of Magus
Theme Song: The Gate of Magus
Units Piloted: Thrudgelmir
Games Appeared: Original Generation 2 and Original Generations.

He's a masked man of mystery, and has the voice and personality of Zengar Zonbolt. He calls himself "The Sword of Magus." It's revealed that he's part of the W Number series, and his codename is W15. He differs from the others in the series because of the fact that they copied Zengar's personality completely, and made him devoted to nothing but protecting the Earth Cradle and Magus.

He and Zengar have their final showdown inside of the Earth Cradle, which results in his loss. In the end, he died in a suicide attack while protecting Sophia from Dr. Egret.

Wodan various poses