Pilot Name: Zengar Zonbolt
Voice Actor: Kenichi Ono
Group: Divine Crusaders
Nickname: The Sword that Cleaves Evil
Theme Song: The Sword that Cleaves Evil (Grungust), Soul Sword One Strike (Daizengar)
Units Piloted: Grungust Type-0, Grungust Type-3 (Unit 2), Daizengar, Thrudgelmir (@G)
Games Appeared: Alpha Gaiden, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Original Generation, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

29 years old. His ranking is a Major. He always introduces himself by announcing that he's "the sword that cleaves evil," or other similar things. He's a former member of the elite group known as the Aggressors. Later, he became the commander of the ATX Team, and his call sign was Assault 1. He betrayed them to join his old friend, Elzam, and the DC, though he secretly remained helping his former comrades. Even after Bian Zoldark's death, he remained in the DC. He ended up attacking, and killing Adler Koch during an attack on the capital.

He finally re-joined his former comrades, along with Elzam, during Operation SRW, in order to help them fight against the Aerogators.

Excellen always calls him boss. He's been trained by Master Rishu, and is excellent with a sword. His one major weakness is that he can't handle alcohol.

Zengar various poses