Pilot Name: Teniquette Zezernan
Voice Actor: Issei Masamune
Group: Guest
Nickname: Zezernan
Theme Song: None
Units Piloted: Baran Schnail
Games Appeared: 4, F, and F Final.

He's the commander of the Guest's operation to control Earth's civilization. He was the "guest" that came to Earth during the South Pole incident, and went there in secrecy. He's also the one that gave them the Black Hole Engine which was later used in Granzon. He accomplished his goal, since several wars occurred on the Earth since then. Because of that, he became an object of Shuu's revenge. He's rather prejudice, and is one of the few Zovorg members that wanted to attack the Earth so soon. He's supposedly kind to his subordinates, though Rof still deserted him.