Unit Name: AI1
Model Number: AI1
Height: 135.1 Meters
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: AI1, Erde Mitte (Consciousness Only)
Weapons: Enlargement MX, Cross Medius Locus, and All In 1.

This is the final form of the Medius Locus, and it's the result of the Lazumunanium and AI1 evolving to uncontrollable levels, along with the TE Engine's power. AI1's name is short for All In 1, which fits it due to its ability to absorb anything, making it a part of itself.

AI1's core expanded greatly, making it larger than the Medius Locus itself. Its core extends from the heart shaped exterior, and it even has beating-like movements. AI1 is covered by a mysterious orange aura.

Because AI1 has data on all of the Tsentr Project units, it's capable of transforming test units 1 and 2, Tergum and Frons, into the more humanoid type units, which are called Sinistra and Dextra respectively.