Unit Name: Alles Geist
Model Number: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Duvan Org
Regular Weapons: Stan Right, Big Right, Red Horn, and Huge Left.
Unlocked Weapons: Big Right, Spark Ring Right, Huge Left, Spark Ring Left, Horn Beam, Scatter Beam, Large Beam Cannon, and Shock Wave.

Duvan's unit. The Alles Geist is huge in comparison to Flickerei. It's almost twice its size. Its left arm consists of a giant energy cannon where it can shoot bursts of beams or bolts of energy at its targets. When Duvan is defeated in the final battle at the moon near Von Braun, he comments that the Alles Geist is like an extension of the Idealants, that it can grow, just like them, beyond the expectations of the norm. With that determination, the Alles Geist transforms into a larger, more beastly form, its wing-like verniers changing into draconic wings, and dragon heads growing out of its shoulders. These dragon heads can "breathe" giant powerful beams at its enemies. Even more, the Alles Geist can summon "gun slaves" that shoot and tackle the enemy.

When Duvan is finally defeated in this form, he would attempt to destroy Von Braun with the Alles, but would be stopped by Ariel with a Revolving Stake to the cockpit. In a flash of explosions, the Alles and Flickerei disappear from the eyes of the Preventers.