Unit Name: Altairlion
Model Number: YAM-008-2
Height: 19.2 Meters (DF)/28.3 Meters (CF)
Weight: 28.4 Tons
Pilot: Ibis Douglas, Tsugumi Takakura
Weapons: 90mm GG Cannon, CTM-02 Spigeaul, Sonic Saber, CTM-07 Prominence, and G-Accelerator Driver.
Weapons in CF Mode: 90mm GG Cannon, CTM-07 Prominence, G-Accelerator Driver, and Maneuver GraMXs.

It's an AM that was created for the DC's space exploration project, Project TD. It was designed and developed by Filio Presty, the man in charge of the previous AM Lion series units. Thanks to the data gathered from the Guarlion, it's equipped with two Tesla Drives in order to help make it more efficient in combat. It's capable of staying in flight for long periods of time since it was created for space travel.

It also has the ability to transform into the CF mode (cruise form) or the DF mode (doll form), which can be used for many different situations. It can obtain dangerously high speeds with its high performance output and two Tesla Drives, but if a pilot is skilled enough to take control of the machine, they can pilot it without any danger.

It's equipped with ball cartridges in order to prevent it from wasting all of its energy during combat. The CTM series integrated missiles that are mounted on its back are used as a secondary weapon, and the G-Accelerator Driver which controls the gravity acceleration.

Altairlion DF rear
G-Accelerator Driver
Railgun/Missile Launcher
Altairlion CF 1
Altairlion CF 2
Altairlion CF rear
Altairlion Side