Unit Name: Alt Eisen Riese
Model Number: PTX-003C-SP1
Height: 23.8 Meters
Weight: 99.7 Tons
Pilot: Kyosuke Nanbu
Weapons: Penta Chaingun, Split Missile, Plasma Horn, Revolving Bunker, Avalanche Claymore, and Aerial Claymore

After a battle with Axel's Soulgain, Alt Eisen was defeated. Kyosuke made a request to Professor Radom to upgrade the Alt Eisen, and even helped develop it. His plan was to strengthen its strong points by increasing its armor and offensive capablities.

It's equipped with a Tesla Drive in order to help with the balancing issues caused by its newly added extremely heavy weaponry. Its Revolving Stake was enlarged and upgraded into the Revolving Bunker, while the Triple Machine Cannon was upgraded to having five barrels instead of three. The Square Claymore became an Aerial Claymore, and the Heat Horn turned into the Plasma Horn.

Alt Eisen Riese means "Old Iron Giant" in German.

Alt Eisen Riese rear
Alt Eisen Riese wing