Unit Name: Angelg
Model Number: SMSC
Height: 43.7 Meters
Weight: 98.2 Tons
Pilot: Lamia Loveless
Weapons: Shadow Lancer, Mirage Sword, Illusion Arrow, Mirage Sign, and Phantom Phoenix.

It's a mysterious Super Robot that is in the shape of an armored female with wings. It's capable of shooting spear and arrow shaped projectiles, and its sword resembles that of a slender sword used by western knights. Its power source and armor materials remain a mystery, as well as many other things regarding the Angelg's technical information.

Lamia Loveless is the only one that is able to pilot it due to the controls being set only for her. Isurugi Heavy Industries claim this unit to be a next generation machine for the Earth Federation Army, but that's not the truth. It actually came from the Shadow Mirror's world, along with its pilot, Lamia, who is W17 of the W-Series androids.

Due to its similarities in looks and model number, the Angelg is possibly a customized Simurgh S.

Angelg rear
Angelg various sides
Angelg pose
Angelg Battle Stance
Bow and Arrow
Illusion Arrow