Unit Name: Antenora
Model Number: AGX-10
Height: 46.5 Meters
Weight: 347.3 Tons
Pilot: Euzeth Gozzo
Weapons: Tachis Missile, Photon Sword, Olga Cannon, Assassin Bugs, and Draupnir Ring.

It's one of the heavy assault weapons created by the Aerogators. This machine was developed by Euzeth Gozzo as a prototype for Judecca. Because of that, it was sent to the Balmar's seventh fleet, the Aerogators, in the Milky Way district. It can be controlled by a person, but it is instead usually controlled by an autonomous circuit. It's able to use the self-repair functions of the Zehirut Crystal. It's distinctly different from the other mass-produced machines since it's equipped with the experimental Quantum Wave Engine. The recognition code given to it by the Earth Forces is "Mono-Leg."