Unit Name: Arblade
Model Number: PTX-014-1~3
Height: 19.0 Meters
Weight: 45.8 Tons
Pilot: Ryuusei Date (03), Arad Balanga (03)
Weapons: Vulcan, G-Revolver, G-Railgun, and Blade Tonfa.

Unit 01-
It's the first machine in the mass produced series of the R-1, the Arblade, that Mao Industries developed. Its performance is high, though the transformation mechanism, the T-Link system, and all other special features that the R-1 has have been omitted. It's not counted as one of the R series, and the plans to mass produce this unit are already in planning thanks to this prototypes data.

Unit 02-
It's the second machine of the PT Arblade that Mao Industries developed.

Unit 03-
It's the third unit of the PT Arblade series that Mao Industries developed (Type T). This unit specializes in close range combat and is equipped with Blade Tonfas on its elbows. Its pilot is Ryuusei Date.

Arblade rear 1
Arblade rear 2
Arblade G-Railgun