Unit Name: ART-1
Model Number: ART-1
Height: 19.8 Meters
Weight: 52.8 Tons
Pilot: Ryuusei Date
Weapons: Vulcans, Boosted Rifle H, HG Revolver, T-Link Blade Knuckle, and T-Link Crash Sword.

ART-1 stands for Advanced Real Trooper-1. It's a next generation R series unit developed for the "Reios Plan" of the RXR Project, and is piloted by Ryuusei Date. It's an experimental unit based off of R-1, with data from the Huckebein MK-III. Because of this, ART-1 is in experimental colors instead of the tri colors used by the R series units. It doesn't have the ability to combine with the other R series machines, but it still has the ability to transform into a flight mode called ART-WING. Its performance is greater then the R-1's.

ART-1 rear
ART-1 arm
ART-1 chainsaw