Unit Name: Ashsaber
Model Number: ASK-AD02
Height: 21.2 Meters
Weight: 53.4 Tons
Pilot: Axel Arma, Lamia Loveless, Lemon Browning, Archibald Grims
Weapons: Stun Shock, Mind Blast, Laser Blade, Fire Dagger, Gun Rapier, Halberd Launcher, and Sword Breaker.

This machine is the successor to Fremont Industries' Assault Dragoon series unit, Ash Kleef.

It's a very balanced machine, and focuses on mid ranged combat. It's equipped with the Sword Breaker, which is a weapon that can be remotely controlled, and is an upgrade of Ash Kleef's Splash Breaker. It's also excellent on the defensive side as well, and features a beam coating and jammer. The transformation mechanism of the Ash Kleef was omitted.

Several of them were brought over from the Shadow Mirror's world, and they were later mass produced.

Ashsaber rear
Ashsaber head