Unit Name: Mass Production Model Ashsaber
Model Number: ASK-AD02M
Height: 21.2 Meters
Weight: 50.2 Tons
Pilot: Unknown
Weapons: Stun Shock, Mind Blast, Laser Blade, Fire Dagger, Gun Rapier, and Halberd Launcher.

This unit was created based on the AD series' Ashsaber, using the resources from the Neue DC and Isurugi Heavy Industries. They chose to mass produce the Ashsaber, the strongest AD class unit they had at the time, within the Earth Cradle.

Its performance surpassed the Gespenst MK-II's and the Huckebein MK-II M's, which amazed the Earth Federation Army. The Sword Breaker was omitted due to it not being cost effective. Its coloring differs from the regular model of the Ashsaber as well. It has a special simple input system installed that allows it to analyze, and record the pilots brain-wave patterns.

Mass Production Model Ashsaber rear
Mass Production Model Ashsaber head