Unit Name: Astelion
Model Number: YAM-07-1
Height: 20.2 Meters
Weight: 38.0 Tons
Pilot: Ibis Douglas
Weapons: Assault Blade, Burst Railgun, Machine Cannon, Sonic Breaker, and Maneuver RaMVs.

It's an Armored Module that was developed by Project TD's Series 77. It's a prototype machine, and is the first in the series. Its codename is "Alpha Proto."

A new type of Tesla Drive, the Twin Tesla Drive, was installed into it, making capable of travelling at high speeds on Earth and in space. It's also equipped with a variable mechanism which allows it to switch to a high mobility mode. It's able to use the special A Class Maneuver called "Maneuver RaMVs."

It gets badly damaged during an encounter with a Garoika, and is later repaired and remodeled into the Astelion AX.

Astelion rear 1
Astelion rear 2
Astelion rear 3
Astelion Body 1
Astelion Body 2
Astelion Arms
Astelion Tesla Drive