Unit Name: Astelion AX
Model Number: YAM-007-1AX
Height: 26.4 Meters
Weight: 31.6 Tons
Pilot: Ibis Douglas, Tsugumi Takakura
Weapons: Burst Railgun, CTM-06 Nebula, Sonic Breaker, and Maneuver GRaMDs.

After the Astelion was badly damaged during an encounter with a Gaorika, it was repaired and remodeled into the Astelion AX.

It had its cockpit redesigned so that it could seat two people, and help take some of the stress off of the main pilot. It's capable of using the GRaMDs system maneuver attack, Maneuver GRaMDs (Gravicon Rapid acceleration Mobility break Direct shoot).

During a test flight, it engaged in battle with a Mironga which was completely taken over by the ODE system. It defeated it by using the GRaMDs, though it crashed soon after using it. Ibis is unsure if she has the ability to master GRaMXs because of this event.