Unit Name: Astranagant
Model Number: AGX-15
Height: 40.7 Meters
Weight: 187.9 Tons
Pilot: Ingram Plisken
Weapons: Photon Vulcan, Z.O. (Zol Orichalcon) Sword, Attracter Shower, T-Link Feather, Gun Familiar, Axion Cannon, and Infinity Cylinder.

It's a custom unit developed by the Aerogators, that was created by Ingram once he returned to them. Its recognition code is "Black Angel." It's the ultimate machine that combines various forms of technology that Ingram was able to obtain from the Earth. It uses Earth, La Giars, and Aerogators technology, which can be noted by its attacks, such as the resemblance between Astranagant's Gun Familiar and Cybuster's Familiars.

Its primary power source is a Quantum Wave Engine. It has the ability to absorb various energies from parallel dimensions, and it's even capable of moving through time and space. It's also equipped with the T-Link System, which allows the Nendou field to be used along with other psychic based weapons. Since its armor is made from the Zehirut Cystal, it's able to self-repair on its own. It's thought to be the only unit that can fight Shuu Shirakawa and his Granzon evenly.

It appears in front of Cobray's Varuch Ben during the start of the Balmar War, and merges with it, turning it into Werkbau.