Unit Name: Aussenseiter
Model Number: DGG-XAM2
Height: 54.9 Meters
Weight: 165.5 Tons
Pilot: Ratsel Feinschmecker
Weapons: Schulter Platte, Lanze Kanone, Lanze Kanone W, and Sturm Angriff.

It's the second machine in Bian Zoldark's Dynamic General Guardian series, and was created for the Earth Cradle's defense forces. It was created personally for Elzam V. Branstein.

It's capable of transforming into a horse mode, which is called "Pferd Mode." Bian Zoldark had the transformation built into it due to Elzam's thoughts about fighting in a battlefield with his horse. While in the Pferd Mode, Daizengar rides it, allowing it to gain high speeds while perfoming combined attacks.

Its high speed comes from its "Ferse Rad," wheels which are located on the bottom of its feet. Ratsel makes a joke calling it Dai Trombe, due to its tornado-like speed on the battlefield.

Aussenseiter rear
Aussenseiter w/o Cape rear
Aussensieter head
Aussensieter chest
Aussensieter Pferd Mode
Aussensieter Pferd Mode rear
Aussensieter gun 1
Aussensieter gun 2