Unit Name: Barrelion
Model Number: DCAM-05 (RAM-05)
Height: 23.6 Meters
Weight: 40.7 Tons
Pilot: Tenzan Nakajima (C) (Y)
Weapons: Missile Launcher, Beam Cannon, and Big Head Railgun.

It's an Armored Module that specializes in long ranged combat, and is used by the DC and the UCC forces.

It's equipped with the Big Head Railgun, which has great range, and its armor is rather strong. It's not suitable for melee combat due to its weapon set. It was meant to be used as a defensive unit, and because of that, it can only fly at low altitudes due to its weight.

There are several variations, such as the Custom types which increase its armor even further.

Barrelion rear
Barrelion foot