Unit Name: Bartool
Model Number: VTX-001
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: None
Weapons: Missile Launcher, Laser Sword, and Laser Vulcan.

New line of units manufactured by Wong Heavy Industries as the successor mass production weapon to the Aegis Project to defend against threats such as the Inspectors. It is said to easily crush Guarlions and Huckbein Mk-II Ms with ease in mock battles. Only a handful of Bartool were supposedly built for presentation but they were secretly mass produced and were ordered to attack Earth Federation bases all over the world for an unknown purpose. All Bartool units are AI piloted, and uses the special "ODE System". The ODE System is a special network system allowing all Bartool units to share information between each other. They can learn the actions of their opponents, and it will be shared among all the Valtor units that have been produced. The Bartool units would use humans as its power core as part of the ODE System. The human lives a life of a vegetable, preserved through special liquids and chained to the system. The VTX-001 Bartool is based on the prototype VTX-000 GESTALT, an acronym for "Global Extended Stamp out Tactics works ALTogether", which basically means that all the VTX series units work in tandem and cooperate with each other in strengthened formations to reach its objectives. Other equipments are a Tesla Drive for flight capability, and a Beam Coat to repel weaker beam attacks.