Unit Name: Bergelmir
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 21.3 Meters
Weight: 50.6 Tons
Pilot: Aguila Setome, Uruz Egret, Ansuz Egret, Thurisaz Egret, Ing Egret
Weapons: Machinery Rifle and Six Slave.

A machine that is used by the Ancestors. It's the result of the Huckebein MK-II being injected with the Machine Cells, forcing it to change its shape and increases its performance, similar to the Thrudgelmir. It then becomes the Bergelmir.

This machine is installed with the "GEIM System," and is equipped with remote-controlled arms named the Six Slaves. The Bergelmir's armor can self restore because of the Machine Cells. The Machinery Children Uruz, Thurisaz, and Ansuz all have their own custom versions of the Bergelmir.

Uruz's Custom
Ansuz's Custom
Thurisaz's Custom
Bergelmir Head
Bergelmir rear
Bergelmir Gun
Bergelmir Six Slave 1
Bergelmir Six Slave 2