Unit Name: Buouki
Model Number: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Otto
Weapons: Unknown

It was created many years ago in order to fight against the 100 evils of the world, along with the other Choukijin. Later, it was discovered by a British nobleman, Baron Jabez Grims, in China.

Grims succeeded in the excavation of Jakuouki and Buouki, and had his subordinate, Otto, piloted Buouki. A mass amount of opium was injected into them, which allowed Otto to control it. It's revealed during their battle with Ryukoou that in order to pilot a Choukijin, you need to be a powerful Psychodriver. It has an extremely tough shell.

Because of Ryuouki and Koouki's betrayl to Baral, they sent Shirei Ryuouki after Ryukoou in order to destroy it. Jakuouki and Buouki ended up joining with Ryuouki and Koouki, creating Shijin Shoukon Ryukoou, so that they could defeat Shirei Ryuouki.

This machine represents one of the four super mechanical gods, Genbu.