Unit Name: Calion
Model Number: YSF-33-1~4
Height: 33.1 Meters
Weight: 51.4 Tons
Pilot: Sleigh Presty (01), Ibis Douglas (04)
Weapons: Homing Missile, Sonic Cutter, and G-Driver.

It's one of the units that was developed for Project TD's Series 77, and its codename is "Beta Proto."

It uses a new experimental Tesla Drive called the Twin Tesla Drive, allowing it to go at very high speeds. It surpasses all Armored Modules made before it.

There were originally no plans to have weapons equipped onto it, but that changed once Project TD was pressured by Isurugi Heavy Industries.

It's used as a training unit for the Project TD members. Sleigh pilots the first unit (scarlet) and Ibis pilots the fourth unit (white).

Calion down
Calion side
Calion Sleigh Custom