Unit Name: Compatible Kaiser
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 56.8 Meters
Weight: 148.1 Tons
Pilot: Fighter Roar
Weapons: Over Beam, Spiral Knuckle, Kaiser Boomerang, Kaiser Burst, and Kaiser Tornado.

Kisaburo Azuma, a small town inventor, rebuilt the mysterious, nearly destroyed Compatible Kaiser by using knowledge he obtained from Bian Zoldark's Double G series.

It's powered by the OG (Over Gate) Engine, though it wasn't restored completely, which prevents it from showing its true power. Once the G-Thunder Gate is brought back, it's capable of combining together with Compatible Kaiser, turning it into G-Compatible Kaiser.

It's stored beneath the flower house, and is brought out when Fighter Roar calls upon it.

Kohta calls Compatible Kaiser, "Compati Kaiser," since it's too long to say. It's called Pachinko Kaiser by Carla.

Compatible Kaiser rear
Compatible Kaiser head
Compatible Kaiser ankle
Compatible Kaiser Sword