Unit Name: Cybuster
Model Number: AGX-05
Height: 28.48 Meters
Weight: 38.4 Tons
Pilot: Masaki Andou
Weapons Before Strengthening: Caloric Missile, Dis Cutter, Cyflash, Familiar, Akashic Buster, and Cosmo Nova.
Weapons After Strengthening: Caloric Missile, Vanity Ripper, Cyflash, Hi-Familiar, Akashic Buster, Cosmo Nova, and Dis Cutter Ranbu no Tachi.
Weapons in Cybrid mode: Caloric Missile, Cyflash, and Hi-Familiar.

It's one of Langran's four Masoukishin, and is also one of the seventeen Masouki that were designed to fight against the revival of Volkruss and its minions.

It's been blessed with protection from the Wind class' Saint Grade spirit, Cyfith. This Masoukishin is one of the fastest units ever created, and the only one to gain the ability to transform. In Cybird form, it allows the Cybuster to have even more speed and agility, which also allows it to travel at high-speeds in any atmospheric areas.

The Cybuster is basically equipped with same system equipment as other Masouki, but what makes it different is the Laplace Demon Computer; a computer system which is sought out by many, as it has the power to foretell the future.

During one of its early appearances on Earth, the Earth Federation designated this mech as AGX-05, which was later declared a misnomer, seeing as the Cybuster was also fighting against the Aerogators.

Cybuster rear
Cybuster sides
Cybuster Battle Stance
Hi-Familiar 1
Hi-Familiar 2