Unit Name: DaiRaioh
Model Number: DGG-XAM3C
Height: 53.8 Meters
Weight: 148.6 Tons
Pilot: Touma Kanou
Weapons: Harken Impulse Drive, Counter Spike Charge, Plasma Spiral Dive, Rising Meteo Inferno, and Jinrai.

Raioh was destroyed by Baran Doban during a battle, and was later repaired, and customized. It was remodeled so that only Touma can pilot it. To help with the machines increased weight the output of the Plasma Converter was adjusted, and boosters were placed all over it's back. During it's first sortie it defeated 100 Esreams. During another battle with Baran Doban it recieved damage to the head, and was missing the armor over the right eye. An eye-patch was equipped. Tesla Leicht Institute cooperates in it's completion, and it's formerly announced as the third machine in the Double G series by it's developer Minaki Tomine.

DaiRaioh rear