Unit Name: Daizengar (DyGenGuar)
Model Number: DGG-XAM1
Height: 55.4 Meters
Weight: 142.7 Tons
Pilot: Zengar Zonbolt
DyGenGuar Weapons: Dynamic Knuckle, General Blaster, and Guardian SWord.
Daizengar Weapons: Zankantou: Denkousekka, Zankantou: Daisharin, Zankantou: Raikou Giri, and Zankantou: Unyou no Tachi.

It's the first machine in the Double G series, created by Bian Zoldark, for the Earth Cradle's defense forces. It was created as Zengar's personal machine, and he is the only one capable of piloting it.

Its original weapons are unusable due to it getting damaged during its initial launch. Zengar instead uses the Grungust Type-3's Zankantou for its primary attacks. Originally, the unit was supposed to be equipped with a G-Impact Stake and Neo Chakram Shooter, too.

It moves by tracing the movement detected from the DML, allowing the pilot to move it however he wants.

Daizengar rear
Daizengar Foot
Cockpit Block
Daizengar details
Daizengar w/ Zankantou
Daizengar Zankantou
Dynamic Knuckle
Daizengar General Blaster