Unit Name: Dea Blanche Neige
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 85.5 Meters
Weight: 184.0 Tons
Pilot: Cliana Rimskaya
Weapons: Missile, Delta Cannon, Active Bit, Guardian Blade, and Neutron Buster.

It's the result of Blanche Neige docking with the "Excelsior Ars Nova" weapons box hanger.

In addition to its Active Bit attack, it's capable of using Passive Bits for defensive purposes. Unlike the Blanche Neige, it's able to fight in close ranged combat due to its Guardian Blade. Because of its increase in size, it's not capable of such highly evasive maneuvers like the Blanche Neige was. It's equipped with an atomic resonance cannon, the Neutron Buster, which it uses as its strongest attack.

It's powered by Res Arcana, allowing it to achieve near infinite energy. Although the Forte Gigas has the Res Arcana system installed too, its is stronger due to there being two of them.

Neutron Buster
Bits 1
Bits 2