Unit Name: Diablo
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 26.3 Meters
Weight: 38.9 Tons
Pilot: Mio Sasuga, Presia Zenosakis, Maddok MacAnel
Weapons Before Strengthening: Pulse Laser, Plasma Sword, Multi-Warhead Missile, Linear Railgun, Anti-Air Laser, Tsurugi no Mai, and Kurumiwari Ningyou.
Weapons After Strengthening: Missile, Plasma Sword, Hyper Railgun, Tsurugi no Mai, and Midori no Bouyou.

It's a Masouki created by Langran. It's been blessed with protection from Dianos, the spirit of Forest. It's mainly used as a support unit on the battlefield.

Mio pilots it after Maddok's death at the hands of Luozorl. Once Mio begins piloting Zamzeed, Presia becomes the new pilot for Diablo. The Blowel is a mass produced version of it.

Diablo rear
Diablo misc
Diablo Battle Stance