Unit Name: Duraxyll
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 50.1 Meters
Weight: 98.5 Tons
Pilot: Feil-lord Gran Bilseia
Weapons: Guidance Missiles, Hi Mega Beam Saber, Mega Smasher, Mega Buster Cannon, Scattering Beam, Hyper Plasma Sword, Buster Cannon, and Taors Tail.

It's a Chou Masouki, and was developed by Xenia. It was developed in secrecy, and was to be used as a last resort. It differs greatly from past Masouki, and borrows Earth based technology such as the silhouette of the ZZ. It has very strong weapons, and can destroy most enemies near it with it's Mega Buster Cannon. Several of them are manufactured, though the weapons differ.

Duraxyll rear
Duraxyl Battle Stance