Unit Name: Earthgain
Model Number: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Brad Skywind
Weapons: Garou Sougeki, Kosenshou, Rouga, Ryuou Sougeki, Shishikou Reppa, Tenma Shouha, and Shin Tenma Shouha.

It's one of two machines developed for close ranged melee combat. The details regarding its development are unclear. Its main power source appears to be electricity, which enables the pilot to move it with ease. It has a special system which converts the pilot's living body energy, allowing the machine to increase its performance.

It's different from its brother machine, the Vairose, in the fact that it has a bulkier torso, stronger arms, and increased armor.

It was originally a part of Super Earthgain, but was re-engineered based off of the separately recovered half of the unit.