Unit Name: Einst Eisen
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 22.4 Meters
Weight: 70.6 Tons
Pilot: Unknown
Weapons: Kuehn Bohrer, Machinen Gewehr, Holz Schraube, and Quadrat Mine.

It's a mysterious Einst unit that resembles the Alt Eisen. The Einst Eisen, like all of its kind, is a living Einst itself.

The Einst Eisen was created by Alchimie as a reminder of Kyosuke's presence. Although it's not perfect, it was the best copy that she was able to create based on the original.

Like the Alt Eisen, the Einst Eisen excels at close to mid ranged combat, and has attacks that mimics the original's. This variant often makes its appearance alongside the Persoenlichkeit. Its name, "Einst Eisen," means "Once Iron" in German.